Why Zoho?

On a project in 2019, I was objectively assessing the software available in the global marketplace for small to medium-sized businesses. The client already had a well established and very successful business.  They created a new startup company and engaged me to turn their innovative ideas into commercial reality. 

I came across Zohoa company I had never even heard of before.  They made all sorts of promises, "Replace your patchwork of cloud applications, legacy tools, and paper-based processes with one operating system for your entire business", which I considered marketing spin.

After a rigorous assessment of the options, I concluded that Zoho, specifically Zoho One's "All Employee Pricing", was a "no-brainer" in the 1-15 employee space.  It is also potentially the best choice for larger companies although, this should be assessed based on their business model and needs.

Reasons that Zoho stood out from the crowd
  • Zoho has over 60 million users globally and has been growing at 39% year on year.  It provides vibrant, easy to use software 
  • Zoho operates its own 7000 employee business with its applications, providing continual feedback and improvement
  • Zoho provides incredible value for money with no lock-in contracts; you can choose to pay monthly or annually
  • The Zoho One suite comprises over 45 fully integrated applications to cater for your business needs in a single licence. To see what Zoho One can do for you, click here
  • Zoho One will reduce the software vendors you deal with, simplifying your business. Your data will move seamlessly between applications. You won't have to worry about systems breaking every time there's an update
  • If you have software you like, you don't have to change it. Zoho integrates out of the box with a vast array of popular software like these 
  • For software you want to change, Zoho provides a simple, flexible and scalable migration path. You can replace old software at your own pace with minimum disruption to your business
  • Zoho has over 1000 third-party extensions available. You can see these here
  • Zoho is highly customisable to your needs. They don't tell you how to run your business
  • Zoho applications all have a familiar feel to the user experience. Training is easier, and staff are productive sooner
  • Zoho has a massive amount of support material on the internet and responsive customer support
  • Zoho holds your primary and redundant data in Australia, not offshore
  • Zoho applications have a responsive design so work well with most devices

Since that time, every project I have worked on has involved Zoho. When I decided to start Lukesway, there was no choice but to operate my own business with the Zoho One suite, and I've worked with software for over 30 years.  I'm sold on Zoho, whatever direction I want to take my business, I know I'm covered.