Wasn't Technology going to make business easier?

Since the advent of computers, we've had all sorts of promises made to us:

  • Our costs of doing business would decrease significantly, and our revenues would increase
  • We would no longer have to do tedious, repetitive, low-value tasks, leaving more time for the high-value work
  • It would help us scale our business so that we would be ready for the glorious future
  • We would have much more time to work ON our business rather than IN it
  • We would have much more time for our spouse and kids or significant other

What happened??

  • Why do you feel like you spend too much of your business' money on IT?  It feels like your costs have gone up, not down
  • Your revenue hasn't grown as expected, yet you have more access to customers than ever
  • Why do you now know more about IT than you ever wanted to; it's not your core business?
  • Why do you feel like it's "death by a thousand cuts"? Every day you seem to be paying another IT vendor
  • Do you feel like your business could be running way more efficiently?

How can I fix it?

You should be receiving the benefits promised from technology. Unfortunately, many IT people don't "get it".  They may have technical knowledge but, most have never run a business and have little to no business knowledge. 

If you are starting a new venture or looking to improve an existing business, you should talk to me. There is nothing to lose the first meeting is free. 

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