What can Lukesway do for my business?

In business, you live or die based on the quality and timing of the decisions you make every day.  The quality of decisions is a reflection of the information at hand.  I can make sure you have the highest quality information available at all times.

Survival also depends on how effectively you utilise your resources.  I can make sure that your business is performing optimally.  The key is generating the maximum possible revenue whilst keeping your capital and operational expenditure as low as possible.  Zoho One allows you to do this while still providing an exemplary level of customer experience.
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For New Businesses
​Whether you have extensive business experience or this is your first, building a foundation for success is paramount.  Zoho One enables you to be competitive against much larger competitors.  Enterprise standard tools help you present professionally to potential customers, win their business, and retain them by providing a high-level customer experience. 

Money is finite, and you have to spend it wisely to give your business the highest chance for survival and growth.  Zoho One minimises your capital expenditure and setup costs on technology.  It also minimises your operational expenditure on technology without locking you into long term contractual obligations.

The modules you use in Zoho One will depend on the type of business.  You can add modules as your business needs grow without incurring extra cost.  I can map the short-to-long-term path for you and make sure that you are set up correctly from the start.

Automation is crucial at the start of a business to keep your staff costs down and increase the actual high-value work you are doing rather than wasting time on tedious, repetitive, low-value tasks.  Some of these automations are common and are a matter of configuration others will require customisation.  Zoho is highly customisable.  I can carry out customisations so you can run your business how you would like. 

"Garbage in, garbage out". The quality of information from your system will depend on its setup.  Zoho modules act as independent business applications and require integration for a seamless flow of data.  I can also import any existing data. 

I could go on and on, 'how to maximise deliverability of emails in your marketing campaign', security, etcetera, but I think you get the idea.  What is most important to you will depend on your business model. The whole point is I can help you start right and stay right, giving you the best chance of success. For a free consultation, click here.


For Existing Businesses

​So you have an existing business, but you aren't getting the benefits from technology that you feel you should.  The truth is, you can always be doing better.  I have never come across a business at a maturity level where they can't achieve significant improvements.

To understand how I can best serve you, I need to understand your business.  Where it is in terms of technological maturity, and what are its major pain points.  The biggest wins often come from solving the pain points as long as the solution has an eye on the future and is part of a proper plan for holistic improvement. 

If you are unhappy with your current software, I can advise on the best options for replacement.  I advocate for Zoho's products, but I am not obligated and have assessed and successfully worked with many other software solutions.  I can carry out configuration and migration to new systems with minimum disruption to your business.

Are you looking to improve the quality of your information for better decision making?  Want to enhance your functionality to provide better experiences for your customers or employees?  Need to increase your ability to scale your business or automate it to the "nth" degree?  I can help with all of these and a myriad more.  For a free consultation, click here.


For Zoho Users

​​​So you have made the sage decision to use Zoho, but are you using it to its full potential?  Are you taking advantage of all it has to offer?

As you already know, Zoho products are an incredibly cost-effective way to streamline your business but, Zoho is now a software juggernaut.  With over 45 modules to help your business, it's a full-time job to keep up with what you have available to you.  It can seem overwhelming as there are now a staggering number of ways to improve your business and reduce your costs, so where do you start?

With new products becoming available to you from Zoho, you may be looking to decrease your costs and streamline your business systems by replacing your non-Zoho software.  I can carry out the configuration and migration to the new software with minimum disruption to your business.

Explain what your vision is and what you are hoping to achieve, and I will devise the most flexible and scalable options possible in the Zoho suite of software.  I've helped many Zoho users achieve their goals.  For a free consultation, click here.
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